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Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

"You saw me before I saw you.
A girl: Gemma, at the airport, on her way to a family vacation.
You had that look in your eyes.
A guy: Ty rugged, tan, too old, oddly familiar, eyes blue as ice.
Like you wanted me.
She steps away. For just a second. He pays for her drink. And drugs it.
Wanted me for a long time.
He takes her, before she even knows what's happening.
To sand and heat.
To emptiness and isolation.
To nowhere.
And expects her to love him."

Copyright ©Scholastic- 2010

This book left me breathless at every page and a story that twisted my mind into thinking how wrong is quote-on-quote wrong.

This story follows around a sixteen-year old girl named Gemma, who comes from a wealthy/posh urban London lifestyle. She has been used to the life that her parents laid out for her and she just follows the path that was imprinted among her. Her mother's job, a curator, led her and her father, a stockbroker, into Bangkok Gemma is not the only one following them. Then comes this dark, handsome, mysterious man named Ty will the palest, icest, most gorgeous blue eyes you have ever seen. He is pretty much a hunk. When Gemma let him pay for her coffee he slips a drug in it causing hallucinations and dizziness and before you know it...both of them are along in the wilderness of the great outback, Australia.

Most of the story (letter) revolves around Gemma's life in Australia while Ty is there watching every move of hers. 

Gemma may be once taken advantage from Ty, however she is definitely not weak and tries to stand up to Ty every chance she gets. At first she shows a strong hatred to him, of course, and she will not eat, drink, look at his icy-blue eyes, or anything to do with Ty. Ty has dreams of them being alone together keeping her "forever, of course." Ty has been following Gemma for six years, ever since she was ten when she saw Ty at the lowest, most emotional point of his life. That ignited Ty's passion for knowing everything about Gemma and to hopefully, someday...make her her's. However, as much Gemma resents Ty and doesn't believe anything, she knows that Ty is right in the end. Ty and Gemma are the only people they have when they are stranded in the middle of nowhere and the only thing they have is a vast array of red sand. Gemma knows she is not going anywhere, but she keeps trying to escape in an abundance of different ways. Ty is a very dysfunctional and multi-dimensional yet Gemma bonds emotionally to him, because she knows that Ty is the only thing that will set her free. Ty never hesitates to any of Gemma's questions, and all he wants to show her is a new, different life. He wants to show her how great the stars can be, the simplicity of nature, and how freeing your surroundings can be. He knows that Gemma should have a better life...and you can't blame that on Ty. He is a very protective, and ahem handsome character who will do everything he can for Gemma, especially in the end where he hurts himself to save her. The best way to describe Ty as a non-venomous snake and if you read the book you will know why. He tries to conceal every bad emotional experience through his life by using Gemma, but in the end it all comes crashing down to him like a bunch of rocks. Again, read the book and you will know why...

I thought this book was an amazing read and you really wrap your head through Gemma's thoughts throughout the whole experience of being captured. Christopher's writing is very dark, illusive, awe-inspiring, and she shows the rawness of when a person is stripped to the very core and all she has is one person that knows everything about her, but she knows nothing about him. Because there is only two characters in the story there is alot of emotional fury through Gemma's character and alot of anguish/distress through Ty's. I couldn't take anyone's side, because I felt bad for both of them. I read this book in one sitting and Gemma knows that whether she likes it or not she does have Stockholm Syndrome. I just felt enraptured through Christopher's writing whether it would been the humid climate of the Australian desert, the emotional trauma, or through the tension between each character.

This is what I got reading through the book. 
Gorgeous right?!

This book was amazing and one of my favorites so far.

Five out of Five Stars.


And expects her to love him.

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