Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sorry I Have Been Sort of Lacking on Posts & My Challenge!

Hey bookworms!
I'm terribly sorry that I have been lacking in blog posts, but school has been mental (I'm actually supposed to be doing homework right now). Anyway, you have noticed something in the sidebar that looks like this:
My Book Challenge 2011:
My goal this year was supposed to be to read 100 for 2011. I have been slacking, due to school and such, so  hopefully in late June through September I will be reading more and more to reach my goal. The challenge I'm doing features to read various fairy, werewolf, witch, and vampire for some variety, because I tend to stick with vampires and werewolfs. I'm going to try to read 10 books for each category (totaling 40 books) and also my debut author challenge which will also be, 10 books. So, this means that I have a TON of reading to catch up on...ERG. 

If you guys can recommend any books that I can put on any of these challenges it would be much appreciated!

I am also saving up for a Flip UltraHD camera and tripod, because my webcam isn't doing any justice whatsoever. I will use the camera to do reviews, In My Mailboxes/Hauls, and discussing some topics going around in YA literature-- possibly some random wierd going to the bookstore with me vids as well :D

I love you guys! Recommend books to me!


  1. right now i'm reading camille by tess oliver. it's a werewolf hunter book. I'm not to versed in the genre so not to much help! oh...also just picked up The Bone Palace (supernatual thriller - i think) and Venus Guy Trap (rom-com).
    just came across your blog...i'm a paulina here in cali!

  2. Thanks for the reccomendations! Those will definitely be on my to-be-read list! Oh, and I hope your enjoying Cali (wish I was there....) hah!