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Bill Hybels Power of a Whisper

Bill Hybels Power of a Whisper Review
The greatest buzz of the Christ-following life comes from hearing directly from God- sensing his guidance to lean into some situations and steer clear of others, to speak a word one moment and fall silent the next, to adopt bold new practices and ditch the self-destructive habits that only do us harm. By his own declaration, if Bill Hybels could wave a wand over the entire world, he could wish each person alive today to have this type of personal, meaningful, and frequent encounter with the living God. "God's wish to speak into the situations faced by every individual, every family, every church, every school, every business, every government, every media outlet, every organization and every organism imaginable," he says, "and to train their steps according to his good and perfect will."
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In Bill Hybels Power of a Whisper, I found myself being swept away into a world of religious piety not from the very start, but it was one of those books that if you kept on reading you started to feel intrigued Hybels POV of view in his life. I enjoyed his use of telling the reader that there is evidence all around us from God that makes us believe and he guides you along a path of spiritually oriented action. Which would be that Chapter 3 to me engaged me to think about the links between faith and life have. Being raised from a Catholic family, it made me think of God's direction and his path of light he gives to others which rescue one from temptation and apathy to being whole-hearted and pious. Hybel threads profuse and much-needed scriptures throughout the book. These divine words from God are whispers of faith, knowledge, and trust. I found myself re-connecting to my Catholic faith while reading this book and found the stories from other peoples "evidence from everywhere" quite astonishing, believing, and affectionate. Therefore, Hybel truely recognizes that if you lead a quiet + bright path in life you can finally hear God's spoken whispers and realize that all around you God is connecting to you, even if it is in unexpected ways. This book, is a book that you can reflect upon and turn to it a few pages each day--> it's not one of those books in which you HAVE to read the whole thing. It's a book reminding you to be faithful--> no matter your religious views in life.  

A very powerful book written by Hybels and a must read for anyone wanting to delve back to religious piety. 

I gave this book a five out of five stars, because I founded his stories centered around everyday life humorous and he really connected the real world to faith.



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